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Need help. Paste style from txt to txt?

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Is it possible?

I want to copy txt style to other txt in document with selecting txt - copy, than selecting other txt but Paste style and FX is nt available..

Pls help

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Ideally, I think, you would do your styling using Paragraph or Character styles. Then you could simply select the target text that you want to change, and specify the new text style name.

If you haven't used text styles to create your styling, you could do it to copy the style over. Select the text that has the appearance you want. Then in the Text Styles panel (View > Studio > Text Styles) you could click on the Create Character Style icon at the bottom of the panel: image.png.9cb16af866d8aff7b5d891808a815018.png

After creating your style you could then select the target text, and specify the new Charcter Style name that you created.

I'm not sure if there's a simpler way.

-- Walt

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Thanks for reply Walt, 

yes, i know that way, i am using few styles for headlines and regular txt.

But have also few dimensions that is not repeated on other pages (only in other languages (i am doing multilanguage brochure)) and i dont want to have all that styles on list...

So, as it is in Indesign, you can simply just pick and paste style with the picker, or in Affinity Designer with Copy - Paste Style/FX.

Seems to me that is also variant in Publisher but when i do Copy - Paste is not available.. 

THinking maybe i am doing something wrong..


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