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In the first place I wanted to post in Suggestions, that the change of values with the triangles e.g. in Table Insets are ridiculous small. But then I remembered Preferences User Interface where you can define the Decimal Places for Unit Types. Changing values there left questionmarks on my face for the rest of the UI.

We are just talking here about millimetres, table insets and the tiny triangles to change the values. If other parts of Publisher have the same "bug" I am too lazy to search for right now. ;)

Observation 1: Changing values for Decimal Places requires a restart. This information is missing here.

Observation 2: If the Decimal Place is set to 0, then there are 10 mm-steps when you click the triangle. Means if the inset is 2 mm next step is 10 mm, then 20 mm etc. pp. The width of the cell has no Decimal Place.

Observation 3: If the Decimal Place is set to 1, then there are 1 mm-steps when you click the triangle. The width of the cell has 1 Decimal Place.

Observation 4: If the Decimal Place is set to 2, then there are 0,1 mm-steps when you click the triangle. The width of the cell has 2 Decimal Places.

accordingly for 3 to 6 Decimal Places. Seems to be that the Decimal places are miscalculated. No Decimal Place from Observation 2 must lead to 1 mm-steps and not 10 mm-steps.


EDIT: Hmm, a few minutes more thinking makes me happy with the bug. One Decimal Place for millimetres is enough and 1 mm-steps for changing values would be perfect. OR: Correct the bug, BUT please NO decimal steps where you can change values with the triangles.

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Not quite what I meant, yes changing decimal places are reflected (nearly) everywhere without restart. So please change decimal places and try to use the "arrow steppers" without restart to see what I mean. Next step, restart the programme and see what happens then when you try to use the "arrow steppers". When you change decimal places try all values. There are some differences.

Attached image is just an example to show what I mean by "arrow stepper".


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One more detail with "Decimal Places for Unit Types"...


For example, I've set inches to have 4 decimal points, but the settings are not kept in other places, like in 'Guides Manager':


You can type a fraction like .375, but after hitting tab the value changes to 0.4.

Although internally the value remains the same as what was written.

It's only what it displays that is rounded with 1 decimal point instead of 4 decimal points.

In other places the settings are honored like in 'Document Settings':


I could not find an old post regarding this topic..

But if I remember correctly, someone from Affinity said that they were working on it and that I'll be ready in the next update...

But even with version 1.7.2, the problem hasn't been fixed! :44_frowning2:

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