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Layer "Blend Options" is broken - not possible to remove color channel

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Blend options are Broken in CMYK Modus:


  • I try to remove a one color layer with "Blend option" but instead of removing one color its remove Multiple colors! (BGKru33tJI.gif)
  • If i set  "Source Layer Range" only to 0% (blendOptions.jpg) it don't remove the full channel color, still have black in my image.

Future Request:

  • What i would expect that in the background of "Blend options" should be a histogram for better fine-tuning. (blendOptionsRequest.jpg)

Here some examples




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Hi @mondze,

I'm not really sure what you're trying to do. You have 2 pixel layers. Picking a colour with the colour pick will not have any influence on the Blend options. 

If you attach the file in question or explain exactly what is that you're trying to achieve, we can have a look for you. 




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In my example i try to remove black channel color with blend options. But insteat to make the black channel transparent (k:0%), all other color channel are Removed. The same happend if i try to remove Cyan, Magenta, Yellow Channel.


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