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Better color selection within the UI

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Currently, there is multiple frictions in the App while trying to change colors to shape or text.


- Right now the UI never remember what you did before. Everytime I click shape by shape, it's like the UI is showing a random tab instead of the last used one.

- Not sure why you can't pick the text color directly with the text tool. You always have to go to selection mode to see the color option.

- Not sure why the color picker doesn't change the current color after picking one. You have to click on the picked color to apply it.

- Swatches are very tedious to use, esp with effect. Like the color overlay FX. The color drop down is very basic and doesn't let you pick any swatches. So everytime, I am showing the swatches in the App UI in the background and use the color drop on it to apply it to the effect.


I think it will be a huge benefit if the swatches where available from any color pickup like the native OSX one.


Thanks :)

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Hi Dams,


The current beta that you have should be showing you swatches from any colour drop down - like the ones in the effects page. Is this not working for you? I click the little colour button, it opens a flyout and I choose 'swatches' from the drop down list and I can use my swatches. It remembers next time what I was looking at in the flyout and shows me swatches again next time...


I think we said a while ago that we're going to make it a keyboard modifier to apply your colour after choosing it with the colour picker. We used to have it doing this all the time but it was very frustrating to us as it's not how we work (and we used to have a version that applied it to the selection during the drag as you went over each new colour - which looked crazy) but we can understand that everyone works differently so a modifier would sort that out.


Not sure what you mean by 'like the UI is showing a random tab instead of the last used one' - if you can either grab a movie of it going wrong (just use QuickTime and tell it to record the screen and upload the .mov here) or write a simple recipe here for us to follow then I'm certain it can be fixed. I've not seen it doing anything odd for me though :(




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Hey Matt,


Thanks for you fast answer. Indeed I just found the option for swatches. when is this was added ???


Could it be possible perhaps to add the swatches directly in the window or popup without having to switch ?


Sometime the workflow is like

- pick a color in the swatches

- tweak it with sliders


Right now you have to switch between view to do that meanwhile it's usually all integrated in most apps.

Swatches are always showing for quick adding new one from your tweaked color if needed :)


I will try to document the color tab behavior if I am frustrated again. Could be a problem when opening / closing / switching between documents.

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