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Outer Glow Treating Erased Pixels as Painted Pixels- Designer

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Hey There,

I have some text that I've rasterized and erased bits of in pixel mode to make it look like neon tubing. When I then apply the Outer Glow effect, however, the effect doesn't seem to recognize the erased area, but treats it like I "painted" over the text with the background color (in this case, black); the glow doesn't touch the erased edges.


Below is the process I've followed to get here; I'll note that it's what I used to do in Adobe without issue, so perhaps it's a workflow thing, and not a bug. ...and yes, I know the erasure is sloppy- just testing it out at this point ;) 


1) Add text

2) Rasterize text layer

3) In Pixel Persona, erase text bits, as needed

4) Apply Outer Glow effect to text


I've attached some screenshots of the before/after effect.

Before Effect.png

After Effect.png

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Alternatively, at least a screenshot of the layers panel (is it really erase pixels, not mask?). Otherwise there is no problem.


Affinity Photo, Affinity Designer, Affinity Publisher Beta. Affinity Store.
Windows 10 Pro, Version 1903, Build 18362.145.
Latitude E5570, i5-6440HQ 2.60 GHz, 8 GB, Intel HD Graphics 530, 1920 x 1080.

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There was a mask waaaay at the top of the layer group I didn't see- that was it, Pšenda, so thanks for the reminder to double check that!

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