Yes, I got it to work, great! Having seen the advice of @walt.farrell and the response by @Old Bruce I went looking for the Fields panel. The search was on. To the Help facility and search for Fields. So, with information from there, I had to do View Studio and then there was a panel. So I filled in all six fields and four of them went through to the PDF as displayed in Document Properties in Adobe Reader, so good. The Document Propertes panel shows four fields and each was filled by information that I had input, and indeed that is more than PagePlus does. Three of the fields, Title, Author, Subject have the same names in the Document Properties in Adobe Reader as they do in the Fields panel of Affinity Publisher. The field Keywords in the Document Properties in Adobe Reader has the information that is in Tags in the Fields panel of Affinity Publisher. However, as far as I can tell at present, information in the Comments field and the Revision field in the Fields panel of Affinity Publisher do not go through to the PDF in a way observable using Adobe Reader, though whether or not they are actually in the document I do not know. So, the facility of adding author details into a PDF is there. It seems unfortunate that it is hidden away like that, but then again I have moaned at times at the way when I have started up some programs there are panels all over it and it is hard to know how to get started, for example a Java program environment that I got on a magazine cover disc years ago and when I started it up there seemed to be little panels all over the screen. However, in fairness, now thinking about it and searching for Author in the Help section of Affinity Publisher does refer to the Fields panel. Also I have not read through the documentation and maybe it is explained there. So maybe there needs to be, and maybe already is, a guide for an Author-Publisher who wants to publish his or her own writing on the web in PDF form where such things are explained. William   test283.pdf