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What might I lose by turning off and deleting AD iCloud backups? What is at stake?

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Hi! As mentioned in this other thread, my Affinity Designer iCloud backup has ballooned to an unmanageable size; and uninstalling/reinstalling AD did not help.

New question:

What might I lose by turning off and deleting AD iCloud backups? What is at stake?

My thoughts:

  • Documents: I followed DM1’s advice: saved my important documents to a non-Affinity save location. So I think these are safe now.
  • Settings: when I reinstalled, I already lost custom palettes and options. So I’m not too worried about settings, as far as I can tell. I have to recreate them anyway. 
  • What else might I lose?

What is inside my 165 GB worth of AD iCloud backup data? Do I need this backup data?

Thanks again for your help and a great product forum!



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Hi Ooeh,

We are aware of a few issues when it comes to storage which are with the developers to improve. As long as you have backed up your documents to another folder on iCloud or another cloud service (double checked to be sure). You can then tell iCloud to remove the Affinity Designer information and data, to then clean up even more I would remove the app and download again from the App Store.

The backup will contain the app, all settings and information as well as another copy of the files that where open within the app at time of backup. Also because of the issues we are aware of some temp files/storage would of been backed up as well instead of being released/deleted by the app when not needed.


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Interestingly, the last iOS 12.2 update stated a fix to incorrect indication of storage capacity in iPhone. Not sure if this related to iPad as well.

  • Addresses an issue in Settings > General > iPhone Storage where the storage size of some large apps, the System category and the Other category in the storage bar graph could be incorrect

IPad Pro 10.5/512GB lpadOS 13.1.1  Affinity Photo Affinity Design Publisher for iPad ?

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Thank you both for following up! I am glad the AD team is working on storage issues, to avoid the reinstallation workaround!

I am also very happy to report that my iCloud storage now seems to have magically fixed itself. Ipad backups are happening again, and they are a reasonable size (total 10 GB). I took no additional action since reinstalling on Mar 22. Perhaps i got an auto iOS upgrade (not sure). Currently using iOS 12.1.4. 



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