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export 2020 to P3 Color Shift

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Perhaps I am not figuring something right, or expecting the unlikely, but...

I developed the attached file as a cinema 4k image in 2020 color space. In addition to the gray scale steps there are a series of numbers that should be able to be discerned if a system is set up properly. 

I export to TIFF in 2020 and it seems fine – difficult to know for certain since my P3 monitor is emulating 2020 (iMac 5K). An export to 709 also looks OK (of course, after shifting the screen to that color space). An export to Native P3 looks OK. But when I export to DCI P3 it has a distinct color shift to red (after shifting the monitor color space to the desired DCI P3 or even to the Native monitor P3.)

Am I misunderstanding what export to that space implies? Attached is that P3 file Tiff.

Thank you.




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Hi @TestTools, I'm hoping to take a more detailed look at the issue, but you can work around this for now by copying all your layers and pasting them into a new document with the same dimensions and colour profile.

I've attached a video to demonstrate what I mean. If you look at the thumbnails of your original document, you can see all the greyscale layers are tinted blue. Can I ask how you originally created the document, did you start in the same Rec.2020 colour space? I noticed you had a bizarrely high DPI value but that shouldn't have any implication here.

Although it should only affect the final view transform, I must also ask how you've profiled your screen—are you choosing between the existing profiles that ship with macOS or have you used a hardware device like an i1 Display Pro?

Thanks and hope to hear back from you.

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James, hi...and thanks...and...Good Eye.

Indeed, this project started as a test of a few things, one being the effect of DPI for my final screen sizes, which tend to be 20 meters wide.

And yes, it was started in P3 colorspace, but I don't know which one – perhaps it is in the History somewhere, or an old version. Of course, movies are in what are called the DCI P3 space, so it may have started there. And as you can see from the layers on the side, it started with a simple group of steps and moved up to what is no a huge bunch of options. 

I don't know if you have converted from space to space before, but it is always interesting. In this case, some of the color slider modes don't want to allow the new space white...in this case, the grey sliders for example will leave 100% white (RGB at 65353) as a yellow brown. But that is besides the point...

I will try your idea of creating a new file. My ultimate experiment is to put the 2020 slides into the DCP creator (where they get converted to XYZ) and compare them to P3 slides put into the DCP creation tool then see how they do on a 6000 or 10000:1 projector. Math says it should all be the same, right? That, plus, ultimately there are a number of systems that can approach 2020.

Again – I appreciate your input and will let you know what happens...on the road to CinemaCon now, ...oh, to your question. Existing profiles. (You don't think that an Apple screen will be allowed to have any shifting?) It was just striking, the color cast of that one export. I truly am relying on numbers being right, not caring what I see since my screen is not close to the final display. I'd be a different set of trouble if I had to show faces!

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