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Please increase select precision and accuracy (eg. node tool)

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Currently when some selectable points or curves (things) are close but not overlapping, a precise and accurate tap and drag of a desirable thing would often result in the tapping and dragging of another thing close to the desirable one instead.

For example, when using the node tool on a curve made with the pen tool, and I want to tap and drag a node or curve, I often end up selecting a bezier handle instead, so I find myself very often having to undo and zoom in a lot to select and drag the thing I want and zoom back out afterwards. This really limits the productivity when using this software.

If this aspect could be improved, it would be much appreciated as I can then achieve more in less time and with less frustration.

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I came here to post about this too. I wish the selection distance was much smaller when using the Apple Pencil. For a finger it feels pretty suitable, but often i'll be using the node tool to try to adjust the curve of a line and instead it will select and move a control point. I have to zoom in to pretty extreme levels to be able to adjust details like that which are much easier to manipulate on the mac Designer app with a mouse. Maybe the selection distance could be configurable individually for finger and apple pencil to allow some amount of adjustment for users who have less or more dexterity too!

I've only been playing with affinity designer for a couple hours on iPad (I'm a big fan of the Mac version!), and aside from some little glitches here and there, this is the main thing that's been annoying to my workflow. Otherwise, seems like a really great app. Looking forward to seeing it evolve and gain polish! :17_heart_eyes:

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