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I'm very excited for Affinity Publisher. I do have one suggestion. I primarily work on comic books. All comics are drawn on front and back of a single page. Is there a way to integrate that easily? Like a button to push to flip the current page over and draw/place image on the backside and still be editable if need be? 



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@dmont76 have you looked at the File>Document Setup dialog?  You can set up your document to have facing pages.  When you print the document, you set the output to be 2-sided and you get your front and back images. Most books, and I'm assuming Comic Books are like this too, are oriented in a portrait format with the first page of the document starting on a right hand page, with an odd page number, like 1.  You'll see terminology like Odd Pages and Even Pages.  You can then set up the page layouts for the two types of pages. 

The image below is from the Pages studio in AF Pub.  View>Studio>Pages


Hope this helps.

pages studio.jpg

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