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Magnifying popup rendering freezes

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I noticed when dragging while using the node tool that a circle with magnified rendering pops up. However, the rendering inside the magnifier currently freezes so that as I am dragging a node or handle around, the magnifier rendering would not refresh. Thus, it only shows a static image of what’s underneath while I can’t see what my edit would look like until I lift up my Apple Pencil to remove the magnifier because it blocks my view.

I am using Affinity Designer version on a 3rd generation 12.9 inch iPad Pro running iOS 12.1.4 with an Apple Pencil 2.

Can the magnifier be disabled? I can’t seem to find a relevant setting.

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Hi pragmaticleas :)

Thanks for bringing this to our attention, when using the Apple Pencil this magnifier is not supposed to show at all, it is only designed for use when using your finger on the screen.

I've been able to replicate this bug, so I'll get it logged with our developers now and move this thread to the bugs section of our forums. Unfortunately there's no way to turn this setting off, as mentioned it's only supposed to show when using your finger, hopefully this will be fixed shortly!

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Posted (edited)

I have the same problem when selecting/edited nodes or curves using single finger pressure. After I researched ios bugs I discovered the affinity problem may be related to an ios glitch :  A round magnifying glass appears when highlighting text on single finger long press on documents e.g. pdf text etc., a different magnifier from the main magnifier you can turn on or off in the accessibility settings. This highlighter loupe is in the ios code. Regarding affinity:  Somehow ios mistakens single finger long press node editing or multiple curve selection with text selection and pops up their round text highlighter. Therefore affinity would need to suppress ios code which controls touch hold text highlighter feature. Please search for disable ios text highlighter on stack overflow for further info. On this problem. I’m not a programmer so forgive improper use of terminology, i hope i’ve been clear enough. I believe this will clear this very annoying problem.

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