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2019 iPad Air Compatability

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What I'd want to know:
Will the upcoming 2019 iPad Air be able to handle Affinity Photo?

What I want to do:
Buy either the 2019 iPad Air or the 2017 iPad Pro 10.5", depending which one can handle photo editing using Affinity Photo.  
Admittedly I do not have a lot of experience using AP and don't do heavy editing of a lot of photos.  But, I want to use the iPad version.

What I think:
Since the previous version is listed as compatible, I can assume the 2019 Air will be fine.  

Will it be just fine or struggle?  

I really don't want to buy the 2017 iPP just for Affinity Photo, but I hear the GPU in that device is better suited for this type of work.

Help me.  :)


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Hi Nowisee,

Both iPads should be fine however until we have an iPad Air 2019 in the office I can say for sure right now.



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