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transform window y-position not correct

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I just noticed the Y-position of any object, displayed in transform window is not correct. Only on the first page, it is correct.

Affinity Publisher
OSX: 10.11.6




Primary: Windows 10 Pro 1903 / Intel Core i7-8750H @ 2.20 GHz / 32 GB RAM/ GTX 1050 Ti Max-Q
Secondary: os x mojave / imac 2017

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Little bit of playing around shows me that the Y axis 0 (zero) position is the page below the page on which the object resides.


Edit: some more playing around and this is really messed up, the X co-ordinates are off by the width of a page on page one and are negative values. Changing the origin on one spread seems to mess things up worse.

MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2012) Mac OS 10.12.6 || Mac Pro (Late 2013) Mac OS 10.14.5

Affinity Designer 1.7.1 | Affinity Photo 1.7.1 | Affinity Publisher 1.7.1 | Affinity Photo Beta | Affinity Publisher Beta

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On page one, the X coordinates are based on the right end of the page even though the rulers show them on the left.

The Y coordinates on page one seem to be correct.

On pages after the first, the X coordinates seem to be correct, and the Y coordinates are what @Old Bruce described above.


EDIT: also noticed that this only shows up on multi-page documents.  On a single-page document the coordinates seem to be fine.

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