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Change of master page gives strange result

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I have changed the master pages of a document, adding a bleed and changes margin, guides and page size. After applying the changes the page numbers are in a strange position, from page two onward,  due to the fact that those pages kept the old page size 216mm instead of the new 210mm width, and 156 instead of 148 mm in height.

Removed the spread to see if it was the bleed that did it. But see the attached document, no result.

It looks like that when you change the page size in the master you have to do it manually in the document?




bug test .afpub

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Hi mathz,

This is currently the design, however we are considering adding an option that lets the user decide if they want resizing to happen on all pages that a master is applied to if the masters size is changed.


Serif Europe Ltd. - www.serif.com

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