I know, Publisher is not meant for real work yet. But I couldn't wait. So I made a lot of backups inbetween so I could transfer texts and stuff to another App if needed. But almost everything went well. Sometimes Publisher just closed after an action but it saved the work so no loss there. My new book is about storytelling. It is the aftermath of a social media campaign from last fall in which I published 30 blog articles about essential storytelling questions. As a teaser I produced 30 dioramas of famous stories and took photos of them. Affinity Photo was a real life saver then. After the campaign I decided to publish this book with the campaigns content. I used Affinity Designer for most of the graphics and Affinity Photo for my Diorama Photos again. Publisher showed to be reliable enough to produce the whole book with 168 pages and a content worth of 1.2 GB. I made a video with a short flip through:  When Affinity Publisher will finally be published I will definitely buy a license. :-) Kainote