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Hi, yes, yet another "how to join 2 nodes post", but I've been in struggle for two days now, I'm creating a font and will have a lot of this places with 2 points together but with different bezier points (see image), I need really clean vector with 1 point instead of 2. 

When moving 1 point to second one, it highlights in yellow color and snaps to it, I looks like YAAYYY it converted into 1 point???? NO, it's still 2 points just hanging in the same coordinates
Selecting 2 points and clicking "Join curves" "Close curves" nothing is happening.
"Smooth curve" is great feature, but not great for me in this situation, as shape very much changes

How to really create 1 point from 2? without touching the bezier handles and doing anything with hands again (it will ruin the original shape)

P.S. Also, why point sometimes have square markers and sometimes round markers? (like in attachment)




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Hi lazymau,
Welcome to Affinity Forums :)
With the Node Tool, drag one over the other as you are doing until you see the highlight in yellow (when snapping is enabled), then draw a marquee around then and click the Join Curves button to join them. If they happen to be the end node of the same path dragging one over the other is enough to join them/close the path. If you are trying to join nodes of a "compound" path (a layer with multiple independent paths) this will not work you have to separate (use Divide boolean operation) the paths first. If you still have trouble please attach the file with the objects you want to join (you can delete all the rest) so we can check out what's going on.

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Hi lazymau,
I misunderstood your issue. sorry. You are working with two nodes from the same closed shape. What I said will not work in this case (only for separate paths) or for closing a shape. Since you can't/want delete one of the nodes - this becomes a little tricky. We have made several improvements in the Customer Beta that may (or may not) help here, however I didn't have time to go through all of them yet. Let me check with the dev team if there's an easy solution already.

Regarding your question about the markers: sharp nodes are represented by a square, smooth nodes by a circle.

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