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Hey everyone, I've got a problem.

I'm hoping someone with extensive or plenty of knowledge on this matter sees this and can help me in recreating what I made last year. Wether it's just a tip or a guide from one who can see right through what I've made. I'm feeling I spent way too much time on this already as I charged my macbook 3 times while doing nothing different from trying to solve this mystery.


I know it's possible because I did it before, without leaving the affinity designer application. But I lost the original file and right now I need the style to be applied to another shape. I attached the original designer file if anyone want to check it out, but here's a screenshot too:

The text on top is the style I desperately want to achieve. In the middle is the best I seem to be able to recreate the color and the last one shows what is a 3D style from the same time I created the image on top. 




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Thanks for checking In on this DWright!

Really appreciate it! However the look I'm trying to get involves the curves adjustment on top of the 3D text. It's likely that I applied an HSL shift over it and/or a gradient map. but with all the lighting and HSL options combined with and without layers turned on or off will take me weeks and weeks to trace back. 

That's why I came to the forum, hoping someone used this more often and saw what combination of style adjustments it was made up of. 

Super thankful for your reply and effort, I can tell you get what I'm going for, I just don't think it'll be what I need for my end result. Nice 3D profile too by the way!

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