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Hi all,

I'm considering buying Designer but one thing that I can't find is if there is a way to fill an object using vector or patterns. I only find gradients and bitmap.
I know we can duplicate an object to create hand made pattern but I can't then edit the repetitions like if is a bitmap fill.


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12 minutes ago, MEB said:

Hi jc4d,
Currently there's no specific tools to fill objects with vector patterns however you can use symbols help you achieve a similar result - you only have to edit the symbol to update all the instances of it in the project. To learn more about symbols check this video tutorial:  Symbols.


Thank you for your reply. Although symbols are a very powerful feature is not what I would need to accomplish the task.

I work as 3D visualizer and sometimes I get from clients ready render where I need to put e.g. on a wall lines simulating wood panels, and here I would need a vector fill with the ability to change the size exactly like the Bitmap in the fill tool behave. I'm aware of the Procedural texture available in Photo beta, but I would love to have the vector power of that feature over Designer.

PhotoLine has this feature where the user can add/create any pattern and the objects will fill with it in a extremely easy way. Maybe it worth for you to check it out, because I'm an Serif products sucker :D

Could this topic be moved to feature request?

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