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PDF import crop disappearing

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I have not used affinity for a while but previously I have imported a 128 page pdf and all layout was maintained perfectly.

This morning I downloaded the latest version and tried to open the same 128 page pdf document which, when opened, all the previously cropped images lost their crop and it has basically made the document unusable. 

Here is one example screen shot of how it is meant to look next to how it was imported into publisher, but it is happening to every page. As mentioned, this did not happen in older versions.

example import page.PNG

original layout.PNG

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I can confirm. Cropping is lost. When I open the document in Designer 1.65.123 everything is okay. Exporting from there and placing in Publisher is working fine. Something changed inside the PDF parser of Publisher compared to 1.65 Designer?

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Digged a bit further.

File from magicdesign_ is made with PDFLib / PDI 9.0.5 from 05/2015

APublisher makes use of PDFLib / PDI 9.1.2 from 02/2018

ADesigner 1.65 opens the PDF without problems with PDFLib / PDI 9.0.5-i. Strange enough, there seems to be happening something, because this version can be imported in APub without problems. What does the -i mean?

Current version of PDFLib / PDI is 9.2.0 from 02/2019

So I assume there are some incompatibilities between 9.0.5 and 9.1.2. Was there a switch in the betas lately at the PDFLib / PDI?

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Changing output versions won't help. The PDFLib version is the same independently to the target versions. Only workaround I know right now is opening in ADesigner 1.65 and exporting as PDF again. :(

Added: Strange, if I open the PDF in Illustrator all images have inverted colors.
Added 2: Nice side effect of re-saving with ADesigner 1.65 is the massive decrease of the file size from 62 MB to 5 MB.

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