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Repeated hard reset, Vector Issues & complex files

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Latest version as of this posting, easily reproduciblen; just tap, or combine, or move the vector fish. Sometimes even the raster one.


I’ve image traced this photo with illustrator (too much detail) and adobe capture on ipad (just right), but it seems that it brings the ipad pro 11” to its knees. Further, having complex files makes the app sluggish and crash often. Sometimes just tapping a certain layer/curve crashes the app rendering it unusable. Some workarounds we’re expanding the layer and tapping one particular curve only at the end of a workflow to have any workflow going. I’ve tried working in vectornator as well, which had better usability but ultimately crashed as well. 


Of particular concern was the way Designer crashed. Many times it will flash pink and hard reset the iPad entirely. This was infuriating as it would happen 5-10 times in a hour–half hour. I had classwork to submit and no solid alternative so I was forced to remove elements and give up on the vector approach entirely. I tried setting history states to the minimum and saving on the ipad instead of the icloud but nothing helped. Even after deleting all the vector instances of this image it would still crash while using the raster/pixel version. I’ve resorted to 

One more important note is that when I add an asset set https://www.icloud.com/iclouddrive/0ni1bBtnWrAeQoksYURO66G_g#DAUB_Papers

the app runs into more problems than usual. i’ve deleted it once before because of this, i plan to delete the app and continue even if it’s a struggle. Starting with the asset set first.


“e2” is where I began having issues and was attempting to remedy it by salvaging vector sections from the main one. Often, selecting or moving parts rendered the app unusable.

I’ve removed large images and the problematic vector from “exercise 2”. https://www.icloud.com/iclouddrive/0MtF1T-2dAWhXopIHax3LmShw#exercise_2


CC Capture Trace.pdf

affinity version with noise removed, i think.afdesign

illustrator version.ai


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This sounds very much like the problem I was/am having with complex files. You told me that you could not reproduce the problem as well. Like with the above, it seems to happen with large and/or complex files. Its mostly random but fairly predictable and these (types of) files are the only thing to make my iPad flinch even a little. 

‘Just wanted to chime in as this is the first time I’ve seen this other than myself. 

Thanks for your help so far. Please let me know if there is any troubleshooting or setting I can do on my end to help figure this out. 

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Thanks for looking into this @GabrielM!

I wasn’t able to get the crashes (app crashing or ipad resetting) because the video recording is lost. I’ll attach the designer version of the illustrator file. I think that file is excessive so it wasn’t a realistic use case except for maybe large canvases professionals may use. I don’t know. Either way the issues remain but not in the exact way they were before.

  • opening “e2” from cloud soft crashed the app. importing from cloud worked.
  • before, tapping the fish head curve would reset the ipad.
  • dragging certain parts lag and create visual glitches even with snapping turned off
  • seems to be worse over time and not immediately, i spent roughly 15 minutes before serious problems started
  • its occurred plugged-in to power and when on battery only, cold or hot
  • this is on a recently restored 11” 64gb, current versions of the app and OS

any pauses in activity during the video are hangs and slow downs, which happen at anytime but can lead to crashes at later times

ai fish.afdesign

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I finally managed to replicate the iPad reboot and logged it with our developers :) So far, it seems to be related to the snapping candidates. I could not make it crash with snapping off so far. 

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