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French keyboard not recongnized properly for the apostrophe

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I work in French. French keyboard. In any other software, the keyboard keys are recognized properly. However in Publisher the apostrophe is not recognized properly. It is a a greater sign character > instead, and preceded by a caret for a space. Very annoying. So, please fix. The auto-correct feature is faulty also because of this.The automatic correction for typographic quotes does not work for the French language. Instead of " l'amour " you get " l^>amour ".


Thanks a lot.

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You will need to turn off the option in the AUto-Correct preferences - "Support language dependent single typographic quotes"

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Publisher does not correctly handle the apostrophe from french keyboard.

See related topic : https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/89250-orthographe

Unicode recommand to use Quotation mark as apostrophe, and the French keyboard respct that recommandation. But Publicher does not.

 See page 276 of  : The Unicode Consortium, ed. (2016). "Chapter 6. Writing Systems and Punctuation. §6.2. General Punctuation"

I hope it will get a fix.

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