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most efficient way to transfer files from ai to affinity

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Hi! Excited to move from adobe into affinity! Before I just blindly begin, I was wondering if there is an efficient way of transferring files into affinity.  I noticed that you have an "assets" area where I can keep my assets, much like the library in adobe.  Is Affinity's asset library stored on my laptop or is there a way to store these assets on a cloud (or whatever the best term is for that)?

Thank you for any advice/help,


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Hi JBOM :)

Affinity isn't designed to be a file management application - we've had many requests on our forums to create a DAM (akin to Lightroom) which we hope to develop in the future.

Affinity Photo is designed to develop and edit images (of course multiple images can be edited at once), then save or export them, rather than importing a whole library of images for cataloguing.
We currently support importing the following Adobe formats - PSD, PSB, PDF, AI (containing a PDF stream) & FreeHand (versions 9 to 11).
We're working on importing InDesign files for Affinity Publisher, once this feature is added here it will likely also become available in Affinity Photo and Designer. I recommend reading this thread on our forums regarding InDesign files.

You can import your images or any of the above formats into Affinity, edit the file as you deem necessary and then either save this as a .afphoto file, or export it as a widely recognised format, such as JPEG or PDF.

I hope this helps!

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On top of what Dan C said, do be aware that some objects that might be hiding from the canvas in Adobe applications may or may not be visible in Affinity. So be sure to move any off-canvas objects where they can be seen before opening them in Affinity. Aside from that, the compatibility works very smoothly.

The website is still a work in progress. The "Comics" and "Shop" sections are not yet ready. Feel free to connect with me and let me know what you like or what can be improved. You can contact me here, on my contact page, YouTube channel, or Twitter account. Thanks and have a great day!

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