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Affinity Designer BETA [] Freezing and Duplication Error

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Hi all,

I'm loving the current BETA version of Affinity Designer on my Surface Pro 3.  I keep experiencing a problem when I'm moving pixel mask layers onto vector layers it tries to load my onscreen keyboard.  When it closes the keyboard it freezes.  I then have to close the app from the taskbar using right click. It then closes the current project but I have to repeat the process to close the actual program.  The bigger problem with this is that I have to completely restart the tablet for the software to load again.

This normally seems to happen when in tablet mode AND using the stylus to move the layers but has happened to me on once using it in desktop mode.

Also, I find that duplicating a shape doesn't copy it correctly.  In the stable version of Designer it would copy the properties and duplicate accordingly but currently it appears to double the movement values.  Not sure if anyone else is experiencing the same issues with this.

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The duplication error is a known issue which was already passed to the development. This error is in all three beta apps.

Have a nice day.
Ich wünsche einen schönen Tag.

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Hi grargemeister,

I've just been trying this myself and I can't reproduce it. I've found that the on-screen keyboard never appears automatically when I click in a input box, and despite changing the Windows settings (such as show on-screen keyboard without keyboard attached) I still couldn't get it to display. Even clicking the taskbar button to display it still wasn't producing any form of freezing like you have mentioned.

Is this still an issue for you in the most recent beta? If so could you do a screen recording showing this issue please?


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Hi Sean,

I'll try and replicate it again. It mainly happened to me when I was using the stylus and after a number of layer movements.  Usually after about 10 -15.  It would come up with e no entry icon on the mouse pointer and then the keyboard would pop up .  Once the keyboard was closed the ghost of the layer you're attempting to move would be stuck.  That's when it had crashed and the Surface would have to be restarted. 

I'll try and get it recorded this weekend for you.

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