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Could be interesting to have the possibility of adding a button to the upper toolbar that hides the interface (the same as pressing the <tab> key).

Sure, when hiding the interface elements the ulper toolbar also dissapears.... so it can be necessary to think about another solution, like a floating button that appear when hiding the interface, or that the hide button isn’t on the upper bar and located on the window title bar, or anything imaginative else....

The reason is that the key command (<tab>) not always works... especially when text tools are selected or the like  :27_sunglasses:


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View > Toggle UI is the menu equivalent of the Tab key. Wouldn't that work as your button? (Note, too, that while you're using the Text Tool, you can press Esc to get out of text mode, or click the mouse outside the Text Frame.)

-- Walt

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yes I know

but a button, as said, is an elegant solution.... tipical of the “Mac way of life” .... an action should be done in lots of different ways.... clicks, keys, gestures, escape codes, etc.... this is the Mac traditional way of doing things and have thru the time evolved, and Win and others have diligently copied!

every user has “the right” of doing actions in different manner than others, optimizing his personal systematic.

only dangerous actions or undoable actions shoud have a single way of be doable, so it minimizes errors in working sequence.

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