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Return to “Develop”: I’m confused

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Apologies if this is already covered: I had a look but maybe missed it. I am rather confused by the ability to re-open the “Develop Persona” after leaving it and using the functions in the “Photo Persona”. My normal workflow in PSE was to import a TIFF which I had already converted from a raw in say Canon DPP, and then work on it. Upon exporting as a TIFF from DPP, my white balance was irreversible.

I have the option of doing the same with Affinity Photo (ie importing a TIFF developed from a raw in another program) or I can now simply open the raw in Affinity, and then develop it in “Develop”, which then automatically opens it in the “Photo Persona”. What I don’t understand is the option of being able to re-enter the “Develop Persona” after applying edits in the “Photo Persona”.

I have read that it allows the use of the specific tools provided in “Develop”, but surely that can’t mean that I can change my mind about a white balance after I had pressed the “develop” button when first leaving “Develop”? I’ve read that one can open JPEG’s in “Develop”, but the white balance is surely irreversibly “baked into” this file format? But maybe white balance can be changed prior to committing to TIFF format at export?  So, which tools are unique to “Develop” which I can’t find in the “Photo Persona”.

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Hi CarrotMan,

This is more beneficial if you work with RAW files in 32bit you can switch back to the Develop persona to still make adjustments, even though the adjustment sliders will have reset. One feature that is on the development roadmap is the have the Develop persona non destructive and the adjustment sliders retained.


See this video for more information.

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