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Crash on every Instance on Notebook

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I am Experiencing Frequent Crashes without generated Crash reports on the following two Notebooks:

Dell G5 i5 8300h GTX1060 Max Q 16GB DDR4 2666 Ram


MSI G63 Raider 8RF i7 8750h GTX1070 16GB DDR4 2666

Everytime i do more demanding stuff (more layers, erazertool...) The Programm Crashes with no crash report.

Also Windows Error 89e-12292-582 f-4310-b6cc-e70d87a7ca25.

I use Windows 10 Home and Pro respectively with most recent Updates, the latter a fresh clean install.

Newest .Net, newest Nvidia and Intel Drivers.

Deactivating one or the other Video Card doesnt help.

First i thought it has to do with just the one Laptop but now i get it on a completely new on with freshly installed Windows too, so it is defenitly a bug in Affinity...

I cannot Use the programm at all... If this isnt fixed, i want my money back, because the Programm is completely useless to me.

Wich is a shame, because otherwise i love it!

I used it on my mac without any problems, but now i dot have a mac anymore, i cannot use the programm :(

On my Computer at work, with an NVidia Quadro K620  and older i5 3470, 16GB DDR3 Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB 2015 it works perfectly. Never had any problems.

Seems to be a Laptop Problem

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