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Bevel or 3D FX and corner issues

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Hey all!  I’m trying to learn this program by copying existing Logos (i thought it would be a good exercise!)

i chose to tackle the Toyota one, as it looked sorta simple at first.

i’ve attached my working file as well as a jpg, with circles on my current problem

Now i know this is pretty rough, and I haven’t figured out all my shapes very well, BUT i can’t figure out why the 3D FX is rounding the corner of the bevel instead of keeping it sharp!


anything i’m missing?!


Thanks very much!



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Hi Kylegb,

After going over this effect with a member of the QA team, it does appear you are not missing anything and it's just how the effect is built up. 

This would make for a good improvement to the effect.  It's possible i've missed a method of doing this that i'm not aware off, so for now i'll leave this post here as it has a better chance of being seen by other users who may know of a method to get the same effect.  I can get this moved over to Feature requests in the next day or so or feel free to make a seperate post :) 

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Thanks, Stokerg!  I appreciate you trying to trouble shoot for me!  Would you be willing to move it over to the feature request forum when you have time?  Thanks again!

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