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Hello People
Hello Dev's and Team

Well today i'll make it simple for this amazing product we love.
I would suggest a new Special Filter to be developed and implemented on Affinity Photo.

The Skin Tone Live filter
This Special filter should take care of helping the user to process skin tone adjustment in a Pro way and with ease of use.
it should come with a tonal range picking tool that allow to pick and a set the initial/reference point/color range we would like to apply into areas we wish to correct.
The filters should be Live and Non Destructive allowing a anytime tuning.
The same filter should also include slider that will help us achieve things like Smoothing etc...

like existing Filters is should have a Mask in it so we can paint the adjustment on specific areas we think we need to correct.

let's say i want to make a model skin uniform, i would select the skin color Filter, use its picking/tonal range selection tool and click on the area that i think is the good/best tonal reference point, once i get that point it becomes what i will paint using brush tool in areas i think should be corrected, then i paint into areas i want to uniform to see them updated with selected tonal range and from the same Filter i should also the able to slide left or right (starting from center) to smooth or sharpen the applied skin tone.

This should help us spend less time working on model/portrait skin tone but gain great results.

if others can learn from us then we too can learn from them but make it 1000 times better than how it offered/presented actually.
That was my suggestion for Affinity Photo.

Blessings !

Never be the Same Again !
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Nvidia Quadro K2000 2GB vRAM
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My well suited Set of Apps [Production only]
* Affinity Suite [Designer + Photo + Publisher]
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Please excuse me, I'm a newbie to AP. But I would love to second this suggestion. I am told that PS has a tool to automatically blend skin tones. As it is now, I have to do it by sight, adjusting this, fiddling with that, tweaking this layer, poking that life filter. And it never seems quite perfect. If I understand this suggestion, with my limited understanding, this new tool would make it almost automatic. So... I second this suggestion. Anyway, that's my two cents. 

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