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Dave Vector

New Node Tool Selection Lasso (Alt-Drag) includes nodes not in Selection Lasso (

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I was testing out the Node Tool Selection Lasso.

  1. With Node Tool selected, Alt-Drag around the intended nodes to select on your open shape.
  2. Sometimes the lasso will select nodes not within the lasso boundaries.
  3. Seems to happen when starting a lasso and it is ambiguous as to which "side" the selection is going to be.

I uploaded a screenshot of the entire shape I was playing with.  Admittedly one would probably not be using a shape like this for anything, but worth noting how it affects the lasso selection.  The two screen grab videos show the irregular behaviour.

Designer - Node tool Lasso Shape.png

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Hi Dave,

I've just thrown a few scribbles down using the Pen Tool, but have been unable to reproduce it, would you mind attaching the document with the above curve in please?


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Thanks for the file - but annoyingly its still not happening for me! See attached - as far as I know I'm not doing anything different. I've tried with different tool handle sizes and select on intersect but still no luck.

What OS and screen set up are you using (as in the resolutions and Windows display DPI)? Would you be able to zip up a copy of your %AppData%/Affinity/Designer/1.0 (Beta)/ folder and attach it please? That was I can try it with your same preferences.

Thanks again.

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Hi @Sean P,

I just tried to replicate that issue now, but I could not, so I am not sure why I was getting that error on Tuesday.  I hope I didn't send you on a wild goose chase.

I was using a BenQ 4K IPS monitor running at 3840x2160 with a Scale and layout setting at 150%.  My secondary monitor is a Dell Canvas 27 but Affinity Designer was not on that one.  I attached the zip file.

I hope that helps.

1.0 (Beta).zip

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