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Possible file corruption issue

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(Are you using the latest version?)

    Affinity Photo

    Running on iPad pro, 2017 model, 11"    ios 12.1.4

    I've been working with/learning AP for the past month.

(Can you reproduce it?)
    Not really. Seems to happen intermittently 

(Does it happen for a new document? If not do you have a document you can share that shows the problem?)

    It is a .psd file over 250 mb, which may be part of the problem. Will upload if you think its worth doing. 

(If you cannot provide a sample document then please give an accurate description of the problem for example it should include some the following:)

    I've been saving back to a .psd file so that I can open it on a different platform. I noticed that processing in Photo slows down/hangs/crashes more often once I've surpassed 250mb file size whether saving to .psd or the .af... default format. I also import .psd files saved from Procreate. I've used only the options that have proven to be translatable to .psd, i.e., groups, masks, inks, adj layers (but not filter layers). This last time, when I opened my current document it was missing a lot of mask data. There are still references to them in the layers studio, although those layers come up as 'pixel' instead of 'mask' and are empty. So, i just see a lot of unmasked images. I've been saving locally and then back up to a network drive, but i'm out of town, so probably lost a day's worth of work. I'll try to open the file in another application when I get home, also start backing up to iCloud like I'm supposed to:)

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Hi @rpaul,

Without seeing the file, it's hard to troubleshoot this, especially if it only happens randomly. Regardless, it should not crash when the file exceeds 250mb .

Let us know if you find a "recipe" to replicate this.



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