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On customer again tryed today out the problem with the imported PS brushes with a Wacom Intuos pen tablet. 
First they loading very slow before you can use it, but the size need to set lower then 1000px.  This is for bigger images not useble. Yes I can use the normal mouse with  2500px but this can freeze up the whole system. This is also at version 1.6.5 

My system: Win 10 64b
16 GB ddr3
Nvidia Geforce 1050ti 8gb

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13 minutes ago, Chris B said:

Hey studio97,

Which brushes are you referring to? I have a few installed and don't seem to have an issue with them.

I have so many, but most of the problem brushes are these who are bigger than 1500 px . But today There was a driver update from Wacom, so I tested this directly in version 1.6.5 and loading is fast now by the bigger brushes. So the problem should be gone for now. I need to test this in version but let ypu now if this give problems  there.

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