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Marking the text overflow in the frame in Designer

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Marking the text overflow in the frame in Designer
The Publisher is very well marked with text overflow in the text frame with the red eyelet icon.
If I copy text in a frame with overflow to Designer, it will be possible to unveil and hide the text in the frame, but there is no more information about the overflow.
In the animation shown on the left is the text created in Designer and on the right side the text copied from Publisher.

It seems to me that this option should be made available in Designer.
Affinity programs should be compatible with each other. Why, in one program, do some nice basic function and not share it in the other.
I know that Affinity does not want to do everything in one program, possibly to get customers to buy other programs, but this feature of showing the text overflow in Designer is very much required.
I will of course buy the Publisher program as soon as it becomes available.
I work on the other two programs every day in my work and I would like these programs to be even better.


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