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I realise that this, if it were remotely possible, would be way down the list of priorities but it might be an eventual necessity for me.

I'm used to receiving "flats" produced in Illustrator and can happily open ai, or pdf (and photoshop) files directly in Designer and start exporting layers directly into my projects. The design house we work with is experimenting with Adobe XD as it helps them to demonstrate UX to their clients and the most recent project I built was primarily put together in XD. The experience for me has been awful. Some assets (Photoshop embeds apparently) come out horribly pixelated and can't be used. I have to ask for those assets to be supplied separately which destroys my established workflow. 

The experience has been so bad [for me] that we might have no choice but to migrate to an Adobe only workflow [waah! I don't wanna! I'm into Designer now].

I sat with the designer to see if we could figure out a way around the issues. XD files couldn't even be opened in Photoshop or Illustrator and there was a distinct lack of export options when it came to embedded images. So, if you could just do a better job than Adobe have with their insider knowledge of file formats used by their own software that would be grand. Cheers.

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