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Selecting the "None" tab on a colour selection pop-up doesn't work as expected

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Windows 10 Home 1809, Publisher, Designer and Designer 1.6.5.

This looks like a bug to me so I've posted it here but it might not be.

It's difficult to explain so I'll let the attached GIF show what I mean.
Basically, selecting "None" for either fill or stroke, while it does what it says it should, still shows what appears to be the "Swatches" tab.
This means that I can, while still having "None" selected, select a colour.
I can then switch to the "Swatches" tab and then switch back and the colour has been removed but I still have something like the swatches tab showing.
This seems counter-intuitive to me.
Shouldn't the "None" tab simply - at most - display a message telling the user to select one of the other tabs to select a fill/stroke colour?
Or am I missing something here? It just doesn't seem right to me.


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