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I’m an occasional DTP user, creating flyers, price lists and DVD sleeves for my main business of Video Production. I come from an old version of Quark. As with Photo, learning the differences to Photoshop, I’m doing the same with Publisher.

I’m confused as to the correct way to put a border on a text frame. In Quark it’s a right click to Modify and then a choice of Borders.

As I start to redesign my Quark projects in Publisher, last week, using a picture frame with a text frame, they linked and would reposition together but today on a new project this is not happening without me grouping the layers.

Can someone point me to the correct way of having a text frame linked with a border.

As a secondary question In Quark there are a variety of Borders – ie thin-thick- thin. As Publisher is currently limited for choice, can someone point me to a “Border resource”?

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Hi DavidDoesAffinity,
To add a simple stroke to a text frame go to menu View ▸ Studio ▸ Text Frame and give it a stroke width and colour in the general section on top. There's no presets nor the flexibility (corner types) we offer for Picture Frames (click the cog button in the context toolbar with a picture frame selected to see what I mean) so currently anything different must be created with a customised shape(s) placed below the text frame and grouped with it eventually.

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Many Thanks for your prompt response and pointing me in the right direction.

I'm still trying to work out how my earlier ungrouped picture and text frame are linked but at least I now know the correct way to proceed.

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