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editing width of table columns very laggy

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I am working on implementing a table in AfPub, which is when I noticed that changing the width of columns (and rows) by dragging them is awfully slow and hardly responsive. Basically I can not make any proper adjustments this way. I can enter a value in the table menu to set the width, and this works OK, but this is not always the easiest way. I also noticed is that the up/down arrows in the table menu to increase/decrease a value does not work, neither does dragging left to right. I hope you can work on these issues as tables are quite important to me, and they don't quite work as they should.


I am using an iMac 2011, i5 with 12GB ram, on el Capitan (not Metal compatible)

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Hi Postmadesign,

Do you experience this slow and lack of responsive behaviour in a new document with a new table or only in the current one you are working on?

Can you clarify which values you are attempting to increase/decrease in the Table Studio? What values are you changing by dragging left/right?

I've reproduced some behaviour here with some values failing to be increased/decreased in the Studio (some Inset settings) and will get this logged, so thanks for reporting it.



Serif Europe Ltd. - www.serif.com

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I created the table from scratch, but inside a PDF document which I opened and then started editing. The table was new though.

I tried creating a new document and work on the table, and this seems to work better. I have no idea why the document would create such a problem.


Here are some thing I ran into:

  • The buttons for the setting of Insets in Cells is very unresponsive.
  • Dragging rows seems to be OK, dragging columns does not work well
  • When dragging other values, it is often slow, and the sync function often does not work. Also I got a crash dragging  a value slider

even with a new document I got a crash when dragging the table column...

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