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Export, slices and cropping

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I have a small issue/question reg. Export Persona:

I vectorize/draw several dozens of phonetic symbols in AFD file,

then I need to batch export them to separate .eps files /for INDD CS5/.

Basically everything works as expected, some tuning would be great though.

Is/how possible to have them cropped /while slicing/ to only content, w/out white background.

I mean only extent of the letters themselves?

If I do it manually-its matter of zoom only, but Id like to have it precise and automated ))



AF Photo+Designer+Publisher and their betas on Win10 x64+AmdFX+24GB RAM


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Hi Zbigg,
If you go to the Layers panel in the Export Persona, select each of the symbols layers there (I'm assuming they all are flattened vector shapes) then click the Create Slice button in the bottom of the Layers panel Affinity will create slices with the dimensions of the symbols for you automatically for each layer/object. You can also set the export options you want from the Export Options panel in the section above in the left studio for these slices.

Check those videos for more details:
Exporting: Layers
Exporting: Slices
Exporting: Continuous
Exporting: Automatic Directory/Folder Creation (1.5)
Exporting: Multiple Outputs from a Single Slice (1.5)
Exporting: Transparent and Coloured Backgrounds (1.5)

NOTE: Thread moved to Affinity on Desktop Questions (Mac and Windows) section.

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