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Unable to Update 1.70.227 -> 1.70.249

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From event viewer:

Product: Affinity Publisher Public Beta -- Error 1714. The older version of Affinity Publisher Public Beta cannot be removed.  Contact your technical support group.  System Error 1612.

I am on: Win 10 Pro (x64) build 1809.

No Antivirus intervention, I've tried running as admin, cannot do a complete uninstall or repair of the program because it looks for the Affiniti.msi file in C:\Users\MyUserName\AppData\Local\Temp\AffinitySetup\d54a45ba-2e09-11e9-82f3-7085c243655e\ and demands the installation source for the product be available. I can't find any old packages for this build on the site in an attempt to re-download and sate its demands!

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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Carry out the following steps:

1) Run the tool in the below link from the Microsoft website: 


2) After running the tool to fix any issues, it should allow you to then uninstall the previous version of Affinity Publisher by going to [Windows Settings > Apps], and uninstalling Affinity Publisher. If it isn't listed as installed there, proceed to the next step anyway. 

3) Once the older version of Affinity Publisher is completely uninstalled, run the installer file for the new version of Affinity Publisher (affinity-publisher-beta-  It should now install.  

4) I suspect something (maybe file cleaning software; I don't know) has deleted files in C:\Windows\Installer. Files in this location shouldn't be deleted. 

If for some reason it fails to install again after doing the above steps (hopefully it won't), look in the %TEMP%\AffinitySetup\ folders for the two newest setup log files ('Setup.log' and 'SetupUI.log') and attach them to see why it's still failing.


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2 hours ago, Guuz said:

For me this didn't work!?

I attached the log file...


I've replied in your other post.  It’s probably better to stay in that original thread, as this thread is technically for Publisher.

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Hi @Guuz,

As I can see of your log file, this one is for affinity Photo and you talk about the Affinity Publisher.

+Startup: 10-4-2019 08:36:47
+OS version: 10.0.18362
+ProductName: Photo
+ProductType: Customer Beta



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