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This is an illustration of the first bike I ever rode. A 1948 Panther 600. Known then as a 'Slope Pot'. One bang for every 50 yards :D Probably the most complex illustration I have done so far. Wasn't sure if the software would handle the complexity. When I used to use Serif DrawPlus for this kind of thing, I often got a message that the drawing had become too complex to handle.  Doesn't seem to have the same problem in Affinity.  The biggest issue i have with Affinity though is the lack of an envelope distortion tool, which would have made things like the tank graphics easier.

Panther 600 Slope Pot.jpg

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Beautiful work, Alun. :)

6 minutes ago, AlunR said:

Wasn't sure if the software would handle the complexity.

I guess you haven’t seen this:


Alfred online2long.gif
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Amazing piece of work...

As for Complexity...well I haven't reached the stage where AD cannot handle it....I don't know how many objects were in poison or shy but it's probably 10's of 1000's...Poison slowed down towards the end..as was very complex but I just exchanged large groups of objects for embedded files...and off you go again...:)..

Embedding files was useful as editing in parent file was not affecting the original ...Tended to avoid using mixed raster/vector for blends..maybe that helped!

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Radeon Settings Version 2020
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