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Hello everyone. Testing Affinity Publisher on mac alongside Indesign make me wondering to do the switch as soon as the Beta is closed and the software released.

I can't say how great this is looking and how great is the idea to have finally an alternative to Adobe. I'm using on my iPad also and in general when not in the office.

For sure one desire is to see the iPad version to be identical to the desktop. Bleed, overprint etc on Design just to mention something. Also would be nice an iPad version of Publisher.

I'm also suggesting that if we are talking of design suite I really miss an alternative to Adobe Acrobat. You can find many but they all missing a PRINT PRODUCTION functionality.

Wonderful team at Affinity (Serif) can you think about it and have a consideration about it?

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On 3/5/2019 at 6:19 PM, Seneca said:

Check this out:


Wow, I like what he said about iPad version. I hope is sooner than later possibly alongside the desktop version considering that some of us and think a good number is seriously working on table and mobile. Time is changing faster!!!!

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