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When using Affinity photo, as a digital painter, I rely heavily on the smudge tool for blending.  

Could the AP developers improve/enhance  the smudge tool  to match  the blending functionality of the Paint mixer  brush when  the basic round light brush is selected?

You might say , just use the Paint mixer brush , but there are other properties of the paint mixer brush that  don't work for me. The paint mixer brush  offers a level of complexity which I don't need in my

workflow.     Right now I just apply the paint and the smudge/blend it.. is so simple!  

Just need a more robust blender/smudge tool...like the Procreate app has... superb blenders!

Thank you!

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I second this.

As the smudge tool is now, it's infuriating to work with. For whatever reason, areas that are smudged either lighten or darken the longer they're dragged, and the color is either completely lost or a random pixel is blown out of proportion and takes over completely.

I've completely moved from photoshop to affinity now and that's one of the things I realize I used all the time that I sincerely miss now. That and puppet warp. It's very frustrating and one of the few reasons I'm hesitant to fully recommend the program suite to anyone as a full replacement. 

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