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Gianni Rondinini

wrong print with multiple nested layers

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I'm working on a logo for a trail running race with latest affinity designer.

my file uses a number of nested layers that don't print correctly: what I see in print preview (and get if printing) differs from what's shown during editing of the file.

if I rasterize layers, the rasterized version of the file prints correctly.

I think it may be useful to tell you that if I export the vector file to any vector format (psd, svg, eps and pdf), all of them are wrong the same way print preview and print are.

I attach a screenshot of what I'm seeing on monitor and of the print preview.

affinity file is 34MB: I'm uploading it only if needed, as it will take quite a lot of time (no wide bandwidth where I'm working).

thanks in advance for your help!


this is part of my layer tree:


as the writing (Krash Trail is the name of the race) may still be changed, I defined some 'embellishments' and repeated those layers into the different part of the writing, so that I can still change font face, font size, position of the elements and decorations of the writing will still be there, perfectly aligned (isoipses need to be aligned between the different parts of the logo otherwise they'll look awuful). altitude profile, too, has been designed in the same way.



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Not until now when you've updated the post. In the future, I suggest you post a new reply when you finished uploading, as we do not monitor dropbox folders for new files. 

Back to your document now. It seems that the font does not clip properly. The workaround for now would be to convert the text to curves. It looks like when you have Layer FX inside that group, it's taking into account the Bounding box and not the actual curve. Converting to curves fixes this issue. 

Somehow, those groups seem to cause the issue:



Right click on the group and choose " ungroup". This fixes the issue. I will pass this to our developers. 


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