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Rotation of object around a rotation point broken

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Hello!  I’ve found that when i try and rotate an object around a rotation point (not an anchor point) that it ignores the rotation point.

here is my process


draw a perfect circle

draw a triangle or other shape exactly above and centered with the circle

selection tool the triangle above the circle

Select and drag the rotation point found in the middle of the triangle down and into the very center of the circle (it snaps to the center point of the circle)

enter the transform studio

in the “rotation” box, I type for example, 360/6

at this point, the triabngle that i am attempting to rotate around that rotation point ignores that rotation point and instead rotates it around the anchor point instead of the rotation point.

edit* I forgot to add that the rotation point also moves with the rotation of the triangle.  So they rotate together!  It’s pretty bazaar 

I’ve also tried not typing in “360/6” in the rotation box, and have just tried another non-equation number.


I wanted to power duplicate the triangles around the circle but i can’t even get the first triangle to rotate correctly, much less begin to duplicate that, haha.


thanks, hope this was understandable


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On 2/27/2019 at 10:20 AM, Gabe said:

Hi @Kylegb,

We are aware of this and it has already been logged with our developers. For the meantime, the only workaround would be to rotate it using the rotate handle and not the transform studio. ]



Hey folks,

I tried to use exactly this feature with Designer on iPad and – until I stumbled upon this thread – it did almost drive me crazy. This still doesn't work when using the Transform studio on iPad...

Any chance this will be fixed anytime soon?




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Stumbled upon this thread and realised that this is a long standing issue. It drove me nuts trying do something around this functionality without realising it is broken. @Gabe, would you have any ETA for this please? It's now over a year and a half since this issue was first reported in this thread.

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