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I am thinking of leaving Photoshop and downloaded Affinity Photo trial. Problems so far are: my paintbrush tool or any other tool I choose is an Arrow, not a round circle, so I can't see how big my brush is. Also, I tried the flood fill tool and this did not work full stop. The selection tool is not very good at snapping to edges even though I have snapping on, I have to constantly keep doing it. Also, when I increase the brush size, nothing happens for a few seconds like it's not working, then it does. I need a very quick workflow as I list hundreds of items a month on my jewellery websites and I'm not feeling it. Is there a solution, maybe I'm missing something, can anyone help?

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Hi Peely,

Welcome to the forums.

Try resetting the app, hold down the CTRL key and then open the app, when the new window appears release the key and click Clear. Now start a new document and try using the Brush Tool to see if the cursor an arrow, also try changing brushes.

Theres also an option in Preferences > User Interface > to Show brush previews when using the Brush Tool.

If you still have the issue, please post screenshots.

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