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Hey, I am just messing around trying to make this pic look like it was past sketch and then the real thing. I'm trying to wash out some of the detail from the texture on the walls and the countertops and such. I'm not sure what the best way to go about that is. I could select the areas that are to detailed and add a blur to it, or blur the overall sketch area. Any other ideas?


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Personally, I do not have any ideas about the best way to do this, but to increase the chances of getting replies from other users that might, it would be a good idea to retitle your topic to something less vague than "Advice?" to let them know a bit more about what you want advice with, without making them open the topic to find that out.

Even something short & simple like "part sketch & part real?" might do that.

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How about drawing some curves with the pen tool and for the counter top adding a gradient fill with white one end 100% and the other end 0% opacity to get the faded look.


The way I did the effect for the screenshot above was...

  1. For the edge, draw a slim rectangle the approximate width of the counter top and fill with white, no stroke.
  2. Shear it to fit the angle of the counter top
  3. Convert to curves and adjusted the nodes to block the pattern but not the lines.
  4. I did steps 1 to 3 for the counter top work surface and filled with a gradient.
  5. Gradient was white one end 100% opacity, white the other end 0% opacity to get the faded look.
  6. You need to adjust the mid point on the gradient to get a nice natural fade, I adjusted it to approx 70%


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