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Show Hyperlinks indication in Edit Mode?

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1 hour ago, Mr. K said:

I realize the greater issue is readers viewing my plans on tablets and smartphones (no mouse). So for that reason I am redoing my hyperlinks to be blue and underlined where ever I can. I still have no intention of adding blue around my logos.

I was joking... but these are both fair points also.

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Following my earlier comment about reporting a possible bug, at first I couldn't replicate getting extra hyperlinks appearing. Here I've got a 20 page spread with just two hyperlinks on the Master Page yet every page has a 2 working hyperlinks on it when exported as PDF for Web

861072477_hyperlinksbug1.PNG.073739b0d69666ef76359b063642516d.PNG  Adding extra pages made no difference, there were still just 2 hyperlinks in Hyperlinks Studio

One link was my name simply positioned on a filled circle 1843556922_hyperlinksbug4.PNG.b788aee3e302dc906166b2a281654de6.PNGand I simply selected my name when setting up the Pman hyperlink, and the other was simply text at the foot of the page.  However I then thought I'd group my name and the circle so that I could easily move them together. Now  when I selected this group and set is as a hyperlink source,  i) it was now simply called Hyperlink 1    and      ii) when I added more pages, the same number of extra hyperlinks appeared on Hyperlinks Studio tab.


I have now reported this as a possible bug.

My conclusion would be [until Serif have found a solution to links from objects being replicated)  set up your spread to more pages than you would need, set your hyperlinks up on your Master Page/s and then after completing your work, delete your blank pages (or leave one or two in case you have to add a a little extra), then you will have minimal number of hyperlinks.


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It is odd that text with URL hyperlinks added on a master page populate to the document pages, but objects with URL hyperlinks attached do not until you reapply the master to the page, and then there is a duplication in the hyperlinks list. I think this goes back two beta versions ago to when hyperlinks on picture frames on master pages did not work at all.

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