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Tables - Dragging the double-arrow 'tab' doesn't always create an extra column/row

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Windows 10 Home 1809, Publisher

When I drag the double-arrow tag at the bottom-left or top-right of a table (I don't know the proper name and can't find it in the Help) it doesn't always produce a new column or row.
See the attached GIF where dragging from the tab the first time usually creates a new row/column but after that it only starts to create rows/columns once I've dragged to two row/column heights/widths.
Not a major issue, just thought I'd mention it.


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I notice that this clicking action is mentioned in the Help a few times but the wording is different each time and the name of these things is vague: "readout", "blank cell header", "dark empty header", etc. A single name needs to be chosen and used consistently. I didn't notice the drag function in the documentation at all (I found it by experimenting), but I could have missed it.

Also, the "Table/Cell formatting" panel isn't fully documented at the moment. Hopefully that will change once the exact functionality has been 'locked in'. Some kind of graphic example might help people to see what's what.

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