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Michæl Atchison

Keyboard Shortcuts on macOS

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One thing that I can see will be difficult for me is adapting from the default macOS keyboard shortcuts used for editing text in all other apps—shortcuts I've been using for decades now. I'm not sure what these shortcuts are—maybe they are defaults in InDesign or something? One of the things I like about Affinity apps is that they usually feel more "Mac" friendly.

For examples:

⌥⇦ and ⌥⇨ should jump the cursor from word to word (not adjust kerning).

⌘⇦ and ⌘⇨ should jump to the beginning or end of the line.

⌘⇧ and ⌘⇨ should jump to the beginning or end of the text as a whole.

Holding Shift down for any of these should select the text.

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I’ve got the exact same questions for these shortcuts. I checked in the preferences section for modifying shortcuts but could not find these. In the help section it says to use the home or end key for moving to the beginning or end of line but my keyboard does not have a home or end key (as far as I can see).


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