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BUGS: Brush velocity & Mixer Brush Flow

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I mention this partly in an earlier post, but here are some screens of the bug using the latest (yesterdays) beta. Using 27" imac 2013. Latest yosemite. Wacom intous.



The mixer brush will not respond to any flow brush setting. (neither pressure, random, velocity etc). Not with wacom or mouse. In the image I compared both the regular brush and mixer so you can see the difference.






If velocity is set in brush settings, the brush will always create a blob at the beginning. Both with wacom and mouse.



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I've been trying to get the rid of Mixer Brush since first beta release.

This is what I discovered about this tool so far:


- Flow is not enabled yet, maybe it is not working by design. Really don't know... The sensation I have is that who designed it decided to bind Hardness to Flow, so as you can see below as your load diminishes, the flow's rate does it too.

- Colour Opacity works as Flow should: I'm not talking of GLOBAL opacity but the one you select from Colour Wheel. Unfortunately no jitters here, so only manual variance is allowed.

- Hardness has not a linear behaviour (see the picture below)

- There are still some issues with Textures, sometimes the nozzle turns into a square.




This tool (depending on nozzle spacing) is usable between 100-300px size. Larger sizes have strong lags.

Currently I use it only for small touchups, it is not still optimised for blocking large areas I guess.

The white dog, making tools for artists, illustrators and doodlers

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