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Color problem with Nik Collection plugins

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12 hours ago, laurentia said:

With which software did you import into AF on the second screenshot? Do you own CNX-D from Nikon?


Attached the screenshot from CNX-D
Source Raw photo was shot in sRGB color space.


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Hi WMax70,

your raw is not shot in sRGB. In the camera, the color space setting only applies to photos shot in jpeg.
In his software, Nikon has taken the bad habit of adapting the workspace to the profile defined in the camera! In the preferences of NX-D, there is a box that must be checked for the space defined is well used, as in the screenshot below.
If you have ProPhotoRGB.icm on your system, you can try to put it in workspace and develop your image with it.
Is your monitor wide gamut?
Is blue lighting on the scene a LED light?

On my screenshot, I put melissa which is the LR workspace.


espace cnx-d-2.jpg

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